From baking in the kitchen with Mother and walks to the patisserie with Grandmother, to the hustle and bustle of the Parisian café – it is family and the French way of life that inspired the Cupcakes collection.

The Cupcakes collection allows you to wear all your favourite cupcake flavours and toppings as part of your jewellery. Each Cupcakes piece is made from precious metals. Styled like a trinket, the “toppings” on each item can be removed to hold precious valuables inside. Each piece comes with its own topping, but extra toppings may be purchased to interchange depending on your mood. The fun range includes rings, pendants, charms, bracelets and necklaces.

Les Tresors de la Mer

One of Flavie’s first memories is of being an infant and playing in the sand at a beach in Deauville. Feeling as though the seaside was a place of adventure littered with treasure, Flavie would scour the shore for all the shells she could find, her favourite being the “Conch” variety. It was these shells and the happy memory of those days that inspired this “treasures of the sea” collection – Les Tresors de la Mer.

All pieces in the Les Tresors de la Mer collection are made from gold, silver, precious stones. The pretty rage includes rings, necklaces and earrings and bangles.


The Michoacan collection came about after frequenting the thousand-year-old Dia de Muertos festival in Mexico. Meaning “Day of the Dead”, Dia de Muertos is a time to reminisce about those loved ones who have passed away. It fills the Mexican streets with pretty flowers, food and an aura of colours. During this festival, Flavie was introduced to the delicate Calaveras de Azúcar – Sugar Skulls. It was the Sugar Skulls celebration of life and death that inspired the Michoacan collection. All pieces in the Michoacan collection are made from gold, silver and precious stones. The quirky range includes rings, necklace and collars with each piece characterised by either a moveable jaw and/or rolling eyes that open and shut.

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Place Vendôme is a famous square in the 1st arrondissement of Paris where you can see the pieces of jewellery which result of such savoir-faire and quest for perfection. 

Flavie latest collection is inspired from her debut working as a jeweller in Paris trained by the best craftsmanship of Vendôme making ”Haute Jewellery’’ pieces. 

Vendôme” fine jewellery made of platinum, diamonds and precious stones is the unique expression of an incredible talent, both capturing the spirit of the time and reinventing a past enriched with remarkable creations.

Choosing the best quality diamonds as well as creating the most elegant designs Flavie sets the spark for Vendome. Strong and unique. 

Flawless work! We had a really precise idea of what we wanted and the rings she made were more perfect than we ever had envisioned.
Marine Lahaye
We ordered several pieces of Jewellery from her Collections and some customs jewellery. For each bespoke, Flavie really take times to understand your request and share her knowledge to make the perfect pieces. Many thanks for your work.
Aurelia Dot
Flavie, you make awesome jewellery which I have seen, but more amazingly you are an amazing teacher who can teach complicated designs to newbies. I loved loved your ideas and designs when you were working in Nepal with us!
Abha Karki
Flavie designed and made a beautiful Marquis ring for my mums 60th birthday.  We met up a few times to discuss the type and cut of diamond. She was very patient and explained everything to me. The end result was amazing. But it was a little big, but Flavie took it back and resized it.  Thank you, my mum loves it! I would totally recommend Flavie to my friends for her professionalism, creativity, patience and beautiful Jewellery…..and I have 🙂 
Sharon Tsang
Thank you Flavie! Keep on working so hard and making us dreaming with your incredible pieces of jewellery!!
Aurelie Moreau
Flavie made our wedding rings. We wanted something discret, simple but also enough original to be similar for both of us. She brought all of her originality , inspiration and passion to two jewels which are the symbol of our Love for the rest of our lives! I am very proud to wear it everyday. It is exactly what we wanted and she made it! Thank you Flavie Michou
Marjory Lehervet
Lover of beautiful bespoke jewellery you found your interlocutor .
Attentive, responsive and above all creative Flavie has always amaze us with the originality of the jewellery and the precision in achieving it.
Maxime Michou
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